Puirt na Gael is a folk-band based in the Pacific Northwest that plays traditional Celtic instrumental music. Fast-paced jigs, hornpipes and reels in the Cape Breton style are typical, with melody leads being passed around between Borderpipe, Scottish Smallpipe, Fiddle and Guitar – with the odd flute and penny whistle contributing to tune sets from time to time as well.

Band shot - no chair

Puirt na Gael


Aaron Malcomb

Aaron Malcomb plays Scottish Reelpipes, flute and whistle for the band, and has assembled many of the tune sets performed by the band. An accomplished Highland piper, Aaron lives in Bellingham, WA, and plays with the New Westminster Police Pipe Band in British Columbia. He also pursues an active competitive piping career in the circuit of Highland Games in the Pacific Northwest and Lower Mainland of British Columbia.


Margaret Driscoll

Margaret Driscoll plays fiddle, and lives in Sedro Woolley, WA. Originally from Phoenix, Margaret is a very talented and energetic fiddler, well-versed in a variety of styles of fiddle music. She loves session music playing, and especially the Cape Breton style of Scottish tunes played at break-neck tempos! She will take the melody lead often in sets, but sneaks in beautiful harmonies all the time too!




Skye Head & Shoulder shot

Skye Richendrfer

Skye Richendrfer plays Scottish Smallpipes and Reelpipes, along with whistle.  He lives in Mount Vernon, WA, and has played Highland Pipes since he was 8 (just slightly more than 20 years ago…) and has only lept into the trad music scene within the past couple of years.  As the Founder and Executive Director of the Celtic Arts Foundation, Skye is very involved in organizing Highland Games, producing concerts and instructional workshops featuring top pipers and drummers from the UK and beyond.



Jan Peters

Jan Peters lives in Bellingham, WA, and brings a deep appreciation of Celtic music to the band.  His instrument of choice for performances with Puirt na Gael is the bouzouki, but he’ll also break out a harmonica and banjo from time to to to share some of his diverse music talents!  A full-time performing musician and music producer, Jan  is deeply involved with keeping folk and trad music traditions alive in Bellingham and throughout the Pacific NW.  Find him on Facebook at Jan Songs Productions.


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